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City Lights at the Bay Area Book Festival

The 2nd annual Bay Area Book Festival (or as we call it, BABF) is on June 4 & 5, Saturday and Sunday in downtown Berkeley. Last year was a pretty spectacular event and this year seems even better. City Lights … Continue reading

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Printers Ink Is the Greater Explosive: Pamphlet Publishing as Insurgent Art

By Greg Ruggiero Howard Zinn once wrote that “perhaps the most important publication in the history of the United States was neither a book nor a periodical, but a pamphlet.” For Zinn, “the pamphlets of history are a perfect expression of … Continue reading

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Poetry on a Monday: Lamantia and Kaufman in 1979

Bob Kaufman Philip Lamantia   You can listen to the whole reading here “A scholarly lecture by Philip Lamantia on poetry, philosophy, and language. At times quite technical, this is a fascinating talk on the underlying structures and assumed principles … Continue reading

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