Sam Champion Interviews Reverend Billy on the Weather Channel

In the midst of protesting consumerism and fighting for Earth-conscious justice, Reverend Billy stopped by the Weather Channel for an interview with Sam Champion last month.

The Reverend and the Church of Stop Shopping’s choir combat climate change and the “brain saturation of products” with music, dramatic action, and performances. Rather than holding gatherings in a church, the congregation performs in Wal-Marts, police stations, traffic jams, and anywhere else their activism takes them. Currently, the Church has been involved with protesting Monsanto and the spraying of the popular weed killer Roundup, which contains the chemical glyphosate, in public parks. Glyphosate, according to the World Health Organization, has been found to be carcinogenic. Under the Freedom of Information Act, Reverend Billy and his congregation have discovered the sites of thousands of public parks sprayed with this harmful chemical.

Watch below as Reverend Billy explains the Church of Stop Shopping, the protests against Monsanto, and how to “stop shopping and start living”.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on Reverend Billy, the Church of Stop Shopping, and their ongoing fight in the context of the $57 billion Monsanto/Bayer merger.

For a full list of parks and public sites sprayed by Monsanto’s Roundup (hint: it’s probably the park in your city), visit Reverend Billy’s website.

Reverend Billy is the author of The Earth Wants You, a motivational handbook for earth activists (published last spring through City Lights Publishers). Purchase it at and wherever quality books are sold.

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