City Lights Author Henry A. Giroux Interviewed by Julian Casablancas for Rolling Stone

Henry A. Giroux is the author of 3 City Lights publications. His newest is America at War With Itself, part of our Open Media Series which is dedicated to publishing books in solidarity with social movements promoting greater freedom, justice, and democracy.

He was recently interviewed for Rolling Stone by Julian Casablancas, solo artist and vocalist for seminal band the Strokes. Casablancas sat down with Giroux at his home to talk about the banks’ control over government, why democracy is an illusion, deceptive journalism, and how capitalism destroys the imagination – all topics Giroux touches on  in great detail in his new book.

Casablancas also offered this about Henry’s work to Rolling Stone, Giroux, and City Lights:

“Henry David Thoreau, Thomas Paine and MLK, the 3 greatest truth-sayers of American history, stood almost alone in their time, with tremendous eloquence, against the storms of cultural misinformation, prejudice and ignorance. In this spirit, Dr Giroux is defiantly explaining, against the grain, what’s REALLY going on right now, and doing so quite undeniably.

“More incredibly, he’s almost completely off the mainstream’s grid, partly due to his harsh critique and exposé of how corporations operate in a world where they have now gained total media control.

“In this interview, I wanted to bridge the gap between the in-depth progressive type interviews Henry normally does with a more simplified, CNN-level conversation. I just personally feel the need to help convey the poignancy of what I consider to be the truth, or at the least, to help display an alternative narrative, because it just so often gets swept under the rug.”

Find America at War with Itself at City Lights Books and ask for it at your local independent bookstore.

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