Planet News: March 14, 2016

Happy Herstory Month from Planet News to you!

“In 2008 Poetry Slam, Inc. introduced the Women of the World Poetry Slam (hereafter WOWPS), a rich and essential event, which this year takes place from March 9th to 12th in Brooklyn. During the four days of WOWPS, 96 of the best slam poets from around the globe (limited to, according to PSi’s mission statement, those “who live their lives as women… including gender non-conforming individuals”) will read, spout, quip, jab, shout, prattle, sing and croon—and they will inspire you in deep, unimagined ways. Slam poetry is a vital art—for women, poets of color, and LBGTQ writers, yes, but for every person invested in hearing other people’s voices, for those who may not find themselves in the characters of canonical literature, for anyone who yearns to expand their notion of this earth, and all the wildly talented, intensely effective artists who dwell within it.”

“The Women of the World Poetry Slam Come to Brooklyn, NY: On Creating a Safe Space for All Voices to be Heard” from Lithub


“You know how history class is a parade of white dudes who, more frequently than not, achieved their place in history by oppressing women or other minorites? Well in honor of International Women’s Day, we here at BUST decided to gather some badass ladies that our history books left out”

“9 Women You Didn’t Learn About In History Class But Should Have” from Bust


“Acknowledging the complexity of problems isn’t the same as offering concrete solutions. As Clinton helps popularize the term, there’s risk of it becoming a meaningless buzzword, or being dismissed as an exclusively liberal concern. When Clinton, Sanders, and their supporters talk about intersectionality, they’re simultaneously offering a framework for tying together disparate concerns, and shifting the boundaries of public debate. As progressives contest the specific meaning and implications of the way the candidates deploy the idea, those boundaries will surely continue to shift.”

“Hillary Clinton’s Intersectional Politics” from The Atlantic


“Has a bingo card filled with real estate phrases appeared on your block?  The phrases are real listing excerpts, and they all come from listings in the 94110 zip code. ‘The epitome of San Francisco living’ reads one of them. Another, ‘Ethnic cafés and hip night spots.’ The bingo card is the project of graphic designer Kelly Niland, who has worked with a variety of businesses and organizations in the Mission and lived in the neighborhood for some 19 years. ‘Every day in February I was typing 94110,’ Niland said of her process. ‘I just read them, just combed them. They’re just insane, getting more so with time. I think there’s a trend out there: Failed MFA creative writing students trying to make a living or something.'”

“Designer Creates ‘Mission Realty Bingo'” from MissionLocal

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