Rad Women Read Rad American Women A-Z : Ingrid Rojas Contreras Reads “D Is for Dolores Huerta”

This week on “Rad Women Read Rad American Women A-Z,” we welcomed writer Ingrid Rojas Contreras to our offices to read about Dolores Huerta. She spoke about her admiration of Dolores’ ability to help other female immigrants express themselves and deconstruct their own experiences. Ingrid also left us with sound advice from another one of her feminist heroes, Gloria Steinem: “Don’t listen to me, listen to yourself.”

This is the next installment in the video series from City Lights where we ask women we admire to read their favorite entry of our New York Times-bestselling children’s book, Rad American Women A-Zand answer some questions about what it means to be a rad woman today. The book is authored by Kate Schatz, illustrated by Miriam Klein Stahland published by City Lights/Sister Spit.

Ingrid Rojas Contreras is the 2014 recipient of the Mary Tanenbaum Literary Award in Nonfiction. Her writing is forthcoming or has been anthologized in Guernica Annual, Wise Latinas (University of Nebraska Press) and American Odysseys: Writings by New Americans (Dalkey Archive Press). She has received fellowships from the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto, Bread Loaf, and is the current Community Radio Storytelling Fellow at Making Contact, a national radio program. Currently, she is working on a memoir about her grandfather, a medicine man from Colombia who it was said could move clouds.

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