Book Trailer for The Earth Wants YOU, Forthcoming from City Lights Publishers

City Lights Publishers is pleased to announce the publication of The Earth Wants YOU by Reverend Billy Talen.

The Earth Wants YOU is a motivational handbook, meant to inspire its readers to challenge the consumerism, racism and militarism that are killing our planet. Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping offer up a DIY spirituality for activists, a heady mix of humor, insightful critique, passionate commitment, emotional catharsis, and example after example of creative, joyful, Earth-inspired direct action. Stop shopping and feel the love as you sign up for the struggle of our lives!

Book trailer is below. Billy is coming to your town on a 20+ city book tour in 2016.

Follow Reverend Billy and His Stop Shopping Choir on their many travels through their Twitter account, official site, and City Lights.

The Earth Wants You Book Teaser 20160217 from Laura on Vimeo.

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