Rad Women Read Rad American Women A-Z: Jessica Tully Reads “S Is for Sonia Sotomayor”

Activist and artist Jessica Tully came to City Lights this week to read about Sonia Sotomayor, one of her personal heroes. Jessica talks about being raised by feminist law professors and lawyers, throwing a party to celebrate when Sonia was nominated for the Supreme Court, and why Sonia was the best woman for the job.

This is the next installment in the video series from City Lights where we ask women we admire to read their favorite entry of our New York Times-bestselling children’s book, Rad American Women A-Zand answer some questions about what it means to be a rad woman today. The book is authored by Kate Schatz, illustrated by Miriam Klein Stahland published by City Lights/Sister Spit.

Jessica Tully’s site-specific rock operas, civic engagement strategies, and performance videos contain subtle interventions at play. Her work is set within socially charged public spaces that take place underwater, on football fields, state capitols, unionized cultural institutions, social media, and in the ballot box. She is interested in issues of power, access, and the commons. As a Bay Area native, raised in marginal communities where free arts programming was a key factor in her development, she identifies strongly with subsidized fine art education. Tully’s career trajectory has combined roles of educator, activist/cultural worker, and artist. Her mission has been to involve collaborating young people, in an ethically sound manner that develops capacity and deepens their process of inquiry, expression, and personal narrative.

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