Rad Women read Rad American Women A-Z: Carissa Potter & Heather Van Winkle Read “G Is for the Grimke Sisters”

After taking a break during the winter holidays, we’re back with more rad women reading Rad American Women A-Z! This week, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Heather Van Winkle and Carissa Potter, two amazing artists who run the printmaking studio People I’ve Loved. After reading from the book about how the Grimke Sisters fought for justice for women of all races and socioeconomic situations, Heather and Carissa discussed inter-sectional feminism, supporting their community in Oakland, and developing their own business.

This is the next installment in the video series from City Lights where we ask women we admire to read their favorite entry of our New York Times-bestselling children’s book, Rad American Women A-Zand answer some questions about what it means to be a rad woman today. The book is authored by Kate Schatz, illustrated by Miriam Klein Stahland published by City Lights/Sister Spit.

People I’ve Loved is a few individuals longing for connection/a small printmaking workshop based out of Oakland, California. They specialize in hand-printed & assembled objects in an Oakland farmhouse with a lemon tree.

Check out the other videos in this series and follow People I’ve Loved on Twitter.

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