Rad Women Read Rad American Women A-Z: MariNaomi Reads “M Is for Maya Lin”

This week we got to hang out with the very cool, very funny artist and graphic novelist MariNaomi at City Lights for our Rad Women Read from Rad American Women A-Z series. Watch to find out how Maya Lin came to design the Vietnam Veterans Memorial as a college student, as well as the similarities between Lin’s artistic process and MariNaomi’s.

This is the next installment in the video series from City Lights where we ask women we admire to read their favorite entry of our New York Times-bestselling children’s book, Rad American Women A-Zand answer some questions about what it means to be a rad woman today. The book is authored by Kate Schatz, illustrated by Miriam Klein Stahl and published by City Lights/Sister Spit.

MariNaomi is the author and illustrator of the SPACE Prize-winning graphic memoir Kiss & Tell: A Romantic Resume, Ages 0 to 22 (Harper Perennial, 2011), the Eisner-nominated Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories (2D Cloud/Uncivilized Books, 2014), the upcoming Turning Japanese (2D Cloud, 2016), and her self-published Estrus Comics (1998 to 2009). Her work has appeared in over sixty print anthologies, and has been featured on numerous websites, such as The Rumpus, The Weeklings, Los Angeles Review of Books, Midnight Breakfast, Truth-out, XOJane, BuzzFeed and more. Mari’s work on The Rumpus won a SPACE Prize and an honorable mention in Houghton Mifflin’s Best American Comics 2013.

MariNaomi’s artwork has been featured in such venues as the De Young Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco’s Asian American Museum and the Japanese American Museum in Los Angeles. In 2011, Mari toured with the literary roadshow known as Sister Spit, which is now an imprint of City Lights Publishers. She is also the creator and curator of the Cartoonists of Color Database and the LGBTQ Cartoonists Database.

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