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Previously Unpublished Clarice Lispector! (via Tin House)

“For me there is little difference between the blazing sun, the nighttime jazz, the human flaws, the bound novels or the oral tales of this heroic land. It all comes together in my heart. The black man whose mother survived and whose child now thrives expressed a loving pride, an endurance and bravery, that has been kept a secret from the rest of America, even from my own people, sometimes.”
Walter Moseley on Louisiana literature (via New York Times)

“In the pre-MFA days the communities were more organic or developed around places like the Poetry Project or at a person’s house. For several years, when Anne Waldman and I lived together in an apartment on St Marks Place, there were people at our apartment every night, talking about poetry, about each other, listening to music, getting stoned. In other cultures, and in other periods of time, people might meet in cafes or bars. Poets tend to come together for periods of time and then everyone goes their separate ways.”
“Like going back to the beginning of time, and starting over”: Karen Szczepanski in conversation with Lewis Warsh (via Ugly Duckling Presse)

“…because it’s just not right that people who look like you—people who are small, and black, and lonely, but bright, and funny, and sweet—can’t find a way in this world.” Listen to Nikki Giovanni pay tribute to James Baldwin, in honor of what would be his 91st birthday, on this week’s #PENpodcast.

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