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“…the membrane between fiction and nonfiction is thin as infant’s skin. I think our identities—the ones we live in the real world—are really made partly from stories that we build up around ourselves—necessary fictions—so that we can bear the weight of our own lives.”
Lidia Yuknavitch, in an interview on The Rumpus

“In the last decade, particularly in the age of Obama, the vast majority of the black leadership has been the punditry class—those of us, and I am guilty of this, who are on television, who write books, who give lectures, but don’t necessarily experience on-the-ground direct confrontation with the state.
Now the leadership that is emerging are the folks who have been in the street, who have been tear-gassed. The leadership is black, poor, queer, women. It presents in a different way. It’s a revolutionary aesthetic. It’s black women, queer women, single mothers, poor black boys with records, kids with tattoos on their faces who sag their pants. ”
Rev. Sekou on Today’s Civil Rights Leaders: “I Take My Orders From 23-Year-Old Queer Women” (via Yes! Magazine)

“I often make T-shirts with negative comments about me. I play basketball in them. Time magazine, for Indian Killer, wrote that I was ‘septic with my own unappeasable fury.’ I had that T-shirt for a while.”
Sherman Alexie on the Powell’s blog

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