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‘‘I went to Detroit to photograph the Ford factories, and then it was clear to me I wanted to do this. It was summer and so loud. So much noise. So much heat. It was hell. So much screaming.’’
Robert Frank in the New York Times Magazine

“I know in the States right now, movements such as Black Lives Matter have been grappling with this issue of whether those black lives also equal black female lives, and why the media doesn’t focus on the loss of black female lives as much as it focuses on the loss of black men. There are practical reasons,” she says. “Race studies professor Kimberlé Crenshaw has talked about how the numbers are just higher for black men. But there is a way in which black women are at the bottom. The invisibility of black women is astounding.”
Claudia Rankine interviewed in the Guardian

Future reprints of Citizen may include the victims of the Charleston shootings: Rankine, poignantly looking ahead, left space on the page. “In many ways, it’s a documentary text,” she says. “The book sits on top of a devastating and despairing reality that is both moving forwards and backwards.”
Question by serious student before huge crowd at University of Vermont conference: “Sir, how do you stand as to fornication?”
Answer: “As for fornication, I very seldom stand; I lie down.”
Second question: “Do you really think Christ is dead?”
Answer: “The way the world acts today, you would think so. He’s not here tonight, is he? I don’t see him.”
Voice from back of auditorium: “Here I am.”
March 30th 1960
An excerpt from Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s forthcoming travel journals! (To be published by Liveright link here)

“I’m glad I was in the Stonewall riot. I remember when someone threw a Molotov cocktail, I thought: “My god, the revolution is here. The revolution is finally here!”
Leslie Feinberg interviews Sylvia Rivera (via Verso)

Claire Denis To Make English-Language Debut With Sci-Fi Movie Set In Space, Co-Written By Zadie Smith

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