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Gustavo holds a photo of himself as Donna Personna. photo: James Hosking

“Beautiful by Night”documents of three of San Francisco’s veteran drag queens and the vanishing world of Tenderloin gay bars.  (Mother Jones)

“Your ability to imagine that there is a market has to do with your ability to imagine that those people exist… And if [you] can’t imagine that people of color actually exist and can buy books, then you can’t imagine selling books to them. That’s not just about a company corporate diversity policy; it’s about actually knowing what’s going on in communities of color.”  Ken Chen, poet and director of the Asian American Writers’ Workshop
We Need Diverse Books on NPR, featuring Johnny Temple, Juno Diaz, Dawn Davis and more

“Both Bishop and Gunn in their work kept themselves distant from the reader. They described the world as though they watched it rather than fully took part in it; they did not explore themselves or their feelings in poems. Bishop wrote from a position of uneasy helplessness, a deep-seated fastidiousness and wonder at even the smallest object, and Gunn enjoyed having power and control over metre and rhythm and line.”
Colm Toíbín on Elizabeth Bishop and Thom Gunn (The Guardian)


Jericho Brown, in these two poems, knits two environments into a corporeal being, lays open that same corpus to the world’s sometimes violent permeations. With the kind of controlled, steady release of (under)statement that implies an incipient explosion, Brown sings readers into a tense beauty, an unquiet to which we are drawn, even as it stings us.”
Heather Christle on Jericho Brown (Pen Poetry Series)


“Spain and I liked to tell stories to each other. Mine were about Fresno and Firebaugh, his were about Buffalo. Stories about sex, gang fighting, cars. One time we were so into it, we forgot we were supposed to pick up our daughters. And when our wives came home, they were like, “where are the kids” and we went, “oh shit.” They had been given three dollars and were found in an egg roll shop having a soda after their acting class let out.”
Ron Turner of Last Gasp on Spain Rodriguez along with many other wild tales of underground comix in San Francisco (Reddit)


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