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Need a lyrical lift? Better ‘Call Allen’


“Alli tells me she’s going to write me a poem with a line in it that goes “I’ve got legs!”, something I say often, because even though I live in California now, my dad never taught me how to drive. It’s true, though, I’ve got legs, and perhaps I could go someplace, even if I don’t know where.”
Trisha Low on Alli Warren, Elaine Kahn, crashing cars and formaldehyde…

Interview with a bookstore! Read about the ducks and dead bodies that haunt City Lights over at lithub

“In her novel Summer of Hate, Kraus offers a coyly ironic evocation of her own fan base: “Asperger’s boys, girls who’d been hospitalized for mental illness, assistant professors who would not be receiving their tenure, lap dancers, cutters, and whores.” The message: people with wounds and frustrated dreams. The other message: Kraus has a sense of humor.”
Leslie Jamison on Chris Kraus! (Via The New Yorker)

George RR Martin says right-wing lobby has broken Hugo awards
(Via The Guardian)

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