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“I once had an argument at the School of Visual Arts with Art Spiegelman—he put down Zap because we didn’t have an editor. I said, Who are you to tell Charles Burns or Gary Panter or any of these talented artists how to do their story? At Zap it was hands-off—you could tell somebody what you thought but rarely did you, and I could ignore anything anybody said to me. It was my page.”
Victor Moscoso at the Paris Review!

“The dark, probing monologues that turned off midday audiences were a hit with those who listened at 2 a.m. Jean Shepherd became a favorite among the Beat movement, the emerging “Sick” Comedy scene, and jazz artists. Jack Kerouac and Lenny Bruce were both early, vocal admirers. Young creative types and other obsessives would listen to him deep into the night from their bedrooms, transistor radios tucked under their pillows.”
The story of one of the greatest literary hoaxes, and the man behind it, Jean Shepherd (via The Awl)

“His work explores multiple identities and multiple forms of masculinity — how to be, or become, various kinds of men — but it is also an art of evasion: To become a full-time poet, Hayes had to leave a house of prison guards. Hayes works to escape not the African-American identity but the demand that he (or anyone) express that identity in the same way all the time. ”
Profile of poet Terrance Hayes in the New York Times Magazine!

“I can think of no better way to end this series than by taking a look at the work of the wonderful curators who have made this project possible. After spending time with some of their favorite art it is so cool to me to see how those pieces play hide and seek in their own work.”
Check out the final mix of Elaine Kahn’s Poetry Mix Tape series! (via Harriet)

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