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“In 1951 I had the feeling walking up Market Street … that the general attitude was that San Francisco really wasn’t part of the United States. They were sort of an offshore republic. … But that’s not the case anymore… Now it’s like the rest of the country. Our city is like all the other cities. We’ve lost that feeling of being a unique place. I think the electronic revolution has caused that. So with the Internet it becomes flat earth. We’re living in the flat earth now.”
Six decades of San Franciscan life: Ferlinghetti interviewed on PBS

Fantastic podcast in which couples who are both artists are interviewed… Listen in! “David Meltzer and Julie Rogers. Husband and wife, reading and performing partners, Meltzer and Rogers also share a Beat sensibility with Buddhist leanings. The ostensible occasion for the interview is to plug Meltzer’s recent release from City Lights, an expanded version of his 1977 book Two Way Mirror. But the conversation takes on a life of its own, ranging from the value of maintaining a long term creative practice, the role of poetry in the US, to music, politics, and life in general.”

“Lots of you have been asking how to help after our fire. You are all very sweet. We smell like smoke.”
Help AK Press after their devastating fire!

Vanuatu asks the world: please send books!

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