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“This sort of restless, hustler, trickster poetics can be a fairly useful source of creativity. And being. And survival. It has something to do with the blues, the modern blues: the existential improvisations of a rambling man, a rolling stone pushed one way by a Sisyphus who is happy, pushed another by a Sisyphus who was happy and plans to be happy again.”
Who was Etheridge Knight? Terrance Hayes investigates. (Via Paris Review)

“The report doesn’t give me hope. What gives me hope is that people across America are finally waking up. A single report isn’t going to make a difference unless people become organized.”
Michelle Alexander, civil rights advocate and the author of the best-selling book, “The New Jim Crow,” discusses the Department of Justice conclusion that the police and city courts in Ferguson routinely engaged in a pattern and practice of discrimination against African Americans. Watch her interview. (via Democracy Now)

“One of the great gifts of having an artist for a friend is the unique education that comes of asking what are you into? Nearly all my favorite music, writing, films, and paintings have been received as an answer to this question. Sometimes it is direct: Karl gives me a book, Ally sends me a link to a poem. Often it is indirect: A song I hear in Jane’s car as she drives me to the airport, a broadside stuck on Coco’s bedroom wall, a movie Kit cajoles me into watching. And then there is the mixtape.”
We just published Elaine Kahn’s brilliant Women in Public and she is blogging at the Poetry Foundation all month-check out her Poetry Mixtape series!

“Yes, jazz and bop, in the sense of a, say, a tenor man drawing a breath and blowing a phrase on his saxophone, till he runs out of breath, and when he does, his sentence, his statement’s been made … That’s how I therefore separate my sentences, as breath separations of the mind … ”
Jack Kerouac was born today in 1922

from Anne Sexton’s Scrapbook

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