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PLAYWRIGHT LEROI JONES“They would publish you if you had the same story to tell as mainstream white writers,” Baraka explains. “But because no oppressed nationality can tell that story — if you’re true to history, then they respond by saying, well you’re complaining too much. You’re always complaining. We don’t want complaints. People don’t want complaints.”
Amiri Baraka’s new anthology SOS (Grove Press) celebrated on NPR


Joey Ramone singing an adaptation John Cage wrote of James Joyce‘s Finnegans Wake.

tumblr_nj7iu9Kiki1svw1jvo1_540“Who knew we’d ever acquire our poetry news from Business Insider, but here you are: Poet Lynn Gentry, who puts together custom poems by the Whole Foods subway in NYC, might be making more money per week from writing poetry than anyone we know…”

(Via Harriet / The Poetry Foundation)

 Medieval doodles!

Do Black Lives Matter?: Robin D.G. Kelley (UCLA) and Fred Moten (National Book Award for Poetry Nominee) in Conversation from Critical Resistance on Vimeo.

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