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“. . . mingling with everything
like a token of grief, everywhere,
in places where my eyes rest
I see it perch also, a black spot”
17 reasons why YOU should read Michael McClure!
Read all about it: 17 Reasons

“The other day a website posted the 50 Coolest Authors of All Time. Turns out almost all of those authors were men, and almost all of the authors were white. I have nothing against white people (I’m white), and I have nothing against men people (in fact, I rather like you guys, you’re just my type)… however, I find it hard to believe that the 50 coolest authors actually were white men…”

“She’s one I think about the most, really. After all, I, along with thousands of other bookish females with a tendency towards blue, have worshipped her every word since finding The Bell Jar in the school library at fifteen. Sylvia! we cry. Oh, there have been armies of us, knobby-elbowed girls poring over her tangled prose while aching away on our twin beds.”
Katie Crouch writing on Plath love for the current edition ZYZZYVA, available to read online over at Buzzfeed

“You can be a bit freer—no, why is it more fun to translate? I feel like with poetry you can … I spend longer on each word. I spend a lot more time per word on poetry than in a novel. You can’t pore over a novel in quite the same way you can with a book of poetry. And I do feel that translating poetry, there’s a little bit more room for “freedom” in the translation process. The emphasis is at least as much on sound and rhythm as it is on meaning. It’s not that that isn’t there in novels, but the balance of power is a little bit more on meaning in a novel. Very concrete and specific things are happening and those things need to be conveyed, relatively accurately, so that the reader isn’t confused, or else the novel is no longer effective. It’s more just about that balance of where the energy is going.”
Kareem James Abu-Zeid in an interview with Three Percent, on translating Najwan Darwish’s Nothing More To Lose

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