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On Thursday, the day that the Dow Jones index closed at an all-time high of 17,068 points, sold a first edition of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital for $40,000.
Planet News Economics Part One. (Abebooks)

A recent survey “found that in 2013, just 11.5% of professional authors – those who dedicate the majority of their time to writing – earned their incomes solely from writing. This compares with 2005, when 40% of professional authors said that they did so.”
Planet News Economics Part Two. (Guardian)

“Having determined that what readers want is a ‘sense of connection,’ publishers will organize adopt-an-author promotions, repackaging writers along the lines of Webkinz and other imaginary pets. ‘Feeding’ your favorite authors by buying their books will make their online avatars grow less pale and grouchy.”
The Future of Books (McSweeney’s)

“Directed by Harely Cokliss… The Atrocity Exhibition (JG Ballard and the Motorcar) [1970] features Ballard talking about some of the ideas which would coalesce into his novel Crash, published in 1973. Intercut with footage of test motor crashes and Ballard himself are semi-dramatised scenes with actress Gabrielle Drake. Remarkably effective and disturbing.”
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