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“It’s like having a map of North America where the United States is labeled ‘gringos’ and Mexico is labeled ‘wetbacks,’ ” Herman says. “Naming is an exercise in power. Whether you’re naming places or naming peoples, you are therefore asserting a power of sort of establishing what is reality and what is not.”
Aaron Carapella, a self-taught mapmaker in Warner, Okla., has designed a map of Native American tribes showing their locations before first contact with Europeans. NPR

“Hollywood is the kind of town where they stick a knife in your back and then have you arrested for carrying a concealed weapon.”
Raymond Chandler gets a star on the Hollywood walk of fame

“A glazed jug of some liquid brain damage flavored with dill and coriander and distilled … from oatmeal”
Drinking with Pynchon?

“And with each boom, we’ve lost a little more of the affordability and economic, ethnic, cultural, and maybe professional diversity of the city. It has become more like a resort community: the rich live here, and the people who service them and perform the vital functions are going to have to live somewhere else.”
Rebecca Solnit on San Francisco’s changing culture Boom Magazine


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