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Samuel Beckett’s doodles of Charlie Chaplin and James Joyce.

More than 20 unpublished poems by Pablo Neruda – works of “extraordinary quality” according to his publisher – have been unearthed among the papers of the late Nobel laureate in his native Chile.
The Guardian

“So what, then, is the point of surveillance? If not to send, Stasi-like, a chilling message reverberating through society’s entire web, then what? The question only gained in poignancy when ProPublica debunked the NYPD’s claim that surveillance disrupted 14 terrorist attacks. Or when the Senate oversight committee called the NSA’s bluff—nay, the NSA’s lie—that its programs foiled dozens of plots. Or when a high-ranking NYPD official stated under oath that the Muslim surveillance program he oversaw for years produced not a single solitary lead. What, then, is the point of it all?”
CUNY Professor Ramzi Kassem’s take on our contemporary culture of surveillance, (PEN America)

Joanne Kyger read from a new book of Peter Orlovsky’s work last night at City Lights. It was most delightful, since it’s very probable you were unable to make it (and since our podcast of the event is not online yet), here’s a video of her reading something quite different to tide you over

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