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“I always wanted to be historical, almost from a baby on,” Stein freely admitted toward the end of her life. “Carl was one of the earliest ones that made me be certain that I was going to be.”
The importance of Carl Van Vechten in shaping Gertrude Stein‘s legacy. Paris Review

“There’s this idea,” says Peter Dougherty, the director of Princeton University Press, “that scholarship should sort itself out spontaneously over the Internet, and that all of the various institutions that we used to associate with the publication of scholarship will somehow reformulate themselves on the web, and that all costs will disappear as if by magic. Maybe that’s true, but a life in the editorial fray tells me that it’s not.”
University Presses Under Fire, The Nation

“This is a blow to some of us who depend upon Marcus for books that can’t be found elsewhere,” he said. “It can also be blamed on the post-race mass delusion that the oppression of blacks is an ‘old fight.’ … Add to that a recession that’s hit blacks harder than others as a result of discrimination from the banks, leaving little over for the purchase of cultural products.” Ishmael Reed on the eviction of the country’s oldest Black bookstore, Marcus Books

“Alison Bechdel’s graphic memoir Fun Homea National Book Critics Circle Award finalist that tells the story of her late father’s life and her own—was recommended for freshmen in Charleston this year as part of the College Reads! program. Then the College of Charleston was threatened with $52,000 in state budget cuts (this is intentionally the same cost as the reading program) because the same-sex coupling in the book was deemed “inappropriate” and ”promoting the gay and lesbian lifestyle.”
It gets better! MobyLives has the full report on this depressing yet uplifting story

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