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rosemary tonks
Rosemary Tonks in the 1960s, when two volumes of her exuberantly sensuous poetry were published. Photograph: Jane Bown
The poet Rosemary Tonks, who has died aged 85, famously “disappeared” in the 1970s. The author of two poetry collections and six published novels, she turned her back on the literary world after a series of personal tragedies and medical crises which made her question the value of literature and embark on a restless, self-torturing spiritual quest.

Interviewed in 1967, she spoke of Baudelaire and Rimbaud as her direct literary forebears: “They were both poets of the modern metropolis as we know it and no one has bothered to learn what there is to be learned from them … The main duty of the poet is to excite – to send the senses reeling.”
Obituary in the Guardian, via the fantastic Writers No-one Reads blog

“The cheese danish was a recent obsession of Slab’s. He had taken, some time ago, to painting in a frenzy these morning-pastries in every conceivable style, light and setting. The room was already littered with Cubist Fauve and Surrealist cheese danishes. ‘Monet spent his declining years at his home in Giverny, painting the water lilies in the garden pool,’ reasoned Slab. ‘He painted all kinds of water lilies. He liked water lilies. These are my declining years. I like cheese danishes, they have kept me alive now for longer than I can remember.” V
It’s #PynchonInPublic Day! Celebrate by cooking some of the fascinating food combinations consumed by his characters, grab one of his books and consume or be consumed!

“There is reading, and then there is reading as signifier, in which we don’t lose ourselves in books themselves so much as turn them into easy, quotable advertisements for ourselves.” Sadie Stein in the Paris Review

Inside Junot Diaz’s class at MIT, including some very compelling reading lists!

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