Throwback Thursday: Works by Paul Madonna

Paul Madonna began his career as the first arts intern for Mad Magazine in 1994. He moved to San Francisco where he began crafting his minicomics which he circulated in various public places for free. In 2004, Madonna began his strip All Over Coffee for the San Francisco Chronicle, a steady stream of both external and internal mystery rendered via extremely deft ink drawings of San Francisco overdubbed with enigmatic lines of monologue.

City Lights Publishers released a compilation of these strips in 2007, with an introduction by Andrew Sean Greer.


In 2011, City Lights Publishers released the “sequel’ to the original, Everything Is Its Own Reward, which expanded Madonna’s specific media & poetry lexicon into cities such as Paris, Tokyo, Rome, and Buenos Aires. It’s this book that we spotlight today with a reading Paul did at Desert Island back in June of 2011. It’s rare to craft a book that so effortlessly blends the comic strip and the poetic line, rarer still to attend a comic strip reading.

More information about Paul can be found over on his official website. Purchase both All Over Coffee and Everything Is Its Own Reward from City Lights here.

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