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“…By using a common four-letter term for sexual intercourse, he went on, Lawrence was trying to remove the stain of profanity from plain English words. “We have no word in English for this act which is not either a long abstraction or an evasive euphemism, and we are constantly running away from it, or dissolving into dots,” Professor Hoggart said.
The man who persuaded a jury that Lady Chatterley’s Lover was not in fact obscene has died. Watch John Waters read from the book at City Lights here

•It’s National Poem in Your Pocket Day! Our Pocket Poets fit nicely in the back pocket of your jeans, just sayin’…

What did you mean when you said that a poem should act like an empty suitcase?
It’s a clown suitcase: the clown flips open the suitcase and pulls out a ton of stuff. A poem is an empty suitcase that you can never quit emptying. Paris Review

•Gabriel García Márquez left behind an unpublished manuscript when he died last week at age 87, Cristobal Pera, editorial director of Penguin Random House Mexico, told The Associated Press. Pera added that García Marquez’s family has not yet decided whether to publish it. NPR

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