Poetry on a Monday: SchizoCulture

I think “schizo-culture” here is being used rather in a special sense. Not referring to clinical schizophrenia, but to the fact that the culture is divided up into all sorts of classes and groups, etc., and that some of the old lines are breaking down. And that this is a healthy sign.
—William Burroughs, from Schizo-Culture

“I am the chair of this panel, and I abolish this panel!” Guattari / Schizo-Culture conference

“Lotringer relates that Deleuze, who detested traveling but loved Anglo-American literature, was only prevailed upon to cross the Atlantic by the promise that he and Guattari would “meet the Beats and shake hands with Bob Dylan and Patti Smith,” and would get to stay in Jack Kerouac’s cabin in Big Sur. And Foucault, at a Schizo-Culture evening panel that he was supposed to share with Burroughs, excused himself thus: “I wish to turn my time over to William Burroughs, who is here today and I could never waste a minute talking while we could be hearing Burroughs speak!” Artforum

Mary Patten remembers

An interview with Sylvere Lotringer  and here’s another one


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