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Alli Warren took over the Poetry Foundation blog! And how:”I had an idea to write an etymological study of “booty,” of its use among pirates, and in the way we more commonly encounter it, in reference to a woman’s backside…Maybe the thesis could be something self-evident like: piracy challenges ideas of property while patriarchy & capitalism reinforce them?”

Harper Lee’s preoccupation with pork

“I think that my job is to notice the things that you’re not supposed to notice. The things that people say that are just supposed to be normal conversation or friendly chat, but that are searingly unkind. I can’t stop noticing them.”
Lydia Davis and Francine Prose in conversation

The longlist for the Best Translated Book Award Fiction is here, we have shelves upon shelves of literature in translation and carry all of these books! Read your way around the world….


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