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“Every morning I tell myself, Today has to be productive — and then something happens that prevents me from writing… Something always happens. Each morning I already know I will be able to waste the whole day.” Even Italo Calvino procrastinated!

“I complain, but as much as I try to deny it, it’s because I’m part of all of this. This is my New York City. I’m walking on the same Lower East Side streets where my own ancestors came to struggle a little less than they did in their corners of Eastern Europe that have long-since become other countries, nearly a century ago. The same place where countless others came and huddled in hopes of finding something better, only to get caught up in a century of decay…” Gentrification in NYC through the lens of a classic NYHC LP

And here Ferlinghetti chimes in on the tech take over: San Francisco is losing its soul

The lie-dream that sustains and contains prisoners

“A crime is a crime for a reason. A crime has victims. A crime harms society. On what basis is homosexuality a crime? Adults do no harm to society in how they love and whom they love. This is a law that will not prevent crime, but will, instead, lead to crimes of violence: there are already, in different parts of Nigeria, attacks on people ‘suspected’ of being gay. Ours is a society where men are openly affectionate with one another. Men hold hands. Men hug each other. Shall we now arrest friends who share a hotel room, or who walk side by side?”
Chimamanda Adichie, Nigerian writers react to heinous new anti-gay laws

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