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Center4BooksIs poetry dead? Harriet weights in on the controversy!

 7 American Indian Women Novelists You Have to Read 

“Amazon should approach these small publishers the way a cheetah would pursue a sickly gazelle.” Jeff Bezos
George Packer unpicks Amazon

“A lot of people who want to be authors worry from the moment they start writing about the publishing process, and how to find an agent, and I understand all of that. But the first thing to worry about is your work. Once you have a book you’re proud of—that you’ve taken as far as you can—you can look at the “acknowledgements” section of books you love and find out which agents represent those authors. Then you can go onto the agent’s website and find out how they like to receive submissions. The first thing is to finish your book, and to make each sentence sing. I still believe that if you can do that, your book will find its way.”
A fascinating interview with Elizabeth Schmitz of Grove Atlantic


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