Aldous Huxley took his first dose of LSD on Christmas Eve in 1955

Aldous Huxley first experimented with Lysergic Acid today in 1955; here are a deluge of literary trips to celebrate the occasion

From a BBC documentary…

Ginsberg Ginsber Ginsberg!

[Huxley] reminded me that drugs are beneficial if they provide the only access to our nightlife. I realized that the expression “blow my mind” was born of the fact that America had cemented access to imagination and fantasy and that it would take dynamite to remove this block! I believed Leary’s emphasis on the fact we use only one percent of our mind or potential, that everything in our education conspires to restrict and constrict us. I only wished people had had time to study drugs as they studied religion or philosophy and to adapt to this chemical alteration of our bodies.

[LSD’s] value is in being a shortcut to the unconscious, so that one enters the realm of intuition unhampered, pure as it is in children, of direct emotional reaction to nature, to other human beings. In a sense it is the return to the spontaneity and freshness of childhood vision which makes every child able to paint or sing.
(Anais Nin/The Diaries)

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