City Lights at 60: But wait! There’s more!

beautiful alley
photo by Dianne Hoffman

GIGANTIC THANKS to everyone who came to our open-house last weekend! It was wonderful to see so many, many people who wanted to celebrate this special day with us. Sure, we were tired by the end of the day, but we were also invigorated by your company. And it’s not over yet!!

We continue the celebration for the rest of the year, with a City Lights at 60 events series centering around our mission, our history, and our future. The City Lights Foundation will also sponsor a summer series of events Sundays in Kerouac Alley, hosted by a rotating roster of local, literary luminaries. Check here for the schedule of our special events.

And ’til the next fete, we’re treasuring these party photos from friends onĀ Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

JHThere goes the man in the black hat and red scarf. Mr. Jack Hirschman, our Jack.

LF and NPCo-owners of City Lights, Nancy Peters & Lawrence Ferlinghetti greeted guests in the publishing office. Lawrence co-founded City Lights, and Nancy was our publisher and executive director for 27 years.

photo 3 copyLawrence’s son Lorenzo (right) and grandson (left) Leonardo.

Our 50th anniversary pin next to the new 60th, both designed by Lawrence.

Photo by Dianne Hoffman

scott Scott, a 33-year veteran at City Lights, hangs with the chief.

Peter Maravelis (right) hosted a phenomenal series of flash readings in the cellar.

basement 2
Photo by Dianne Hoffman

Daphne Gottlieb preparing to take over the basement.

basement 5 - cassie sneider
Photo by Dianne Hoffman

THE Cassie Sneider.

band The Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble of San Francisco was amazing!

Dancing in the Alley photo by Dianne Hoffmann
Photo by Dianne Hoffman
Photo by Dianne Hoffman