Trailer: Ferlinghetti, A Rebirth of Wonder

The new documentary about Lawrence Ferlinghetti opens in New York this Friday!
The film features Allen Ginsberg, Dave Eggers, Dennis Hopper, Michael McClure, Billy Collins, Robert Scheer, Pulitzer Prize winner Gary Snyder, and others!

Ferlinghetti explores the world of San Francisco’s legendary poet, artist, publisher and civil libertarian. Presenting himself as a living presence in poetry, Mr. Ferlinghetti reads many of his significant poems, discusses his political and social activism, and gives viewers an insight into his public and private life as it unfolds over nine remarkable decades.

Director Christopher Felver conducts one-on-one interviews with Ferlinghetti, made over the course of a decade, revealing Ferlinghetti’s true role as catalyst for numerous literary careers and for the Beat movement itself. City Lights Bookstore quickly became an iconic literary institution that embodied social change and literary freedom. Continuing to thrive for over five decades, City Lights is a cornerstone of America’s modern literary and cultural history.

Play dates of Ferlinghetti: A Rebirth of Wonder here.

A nice article about the film here.

About the Director / Producer

Felver Head ShotChristopher Felver is a photographer and filmmaker. He’s maintained a longstanding friendship with Ferlinghetti, beginning with the collaborative book, Seven Days in Nicaragua Libre in 1984. Critic Peter Frank wrote, “Felver’s oeuvre has documented the American intellectual class – it’s thinkers, its writers, its artists, the people who have been shaping the higher discourse in our country since the 1950’s.” His latest book, Beat, is a collection of over 400 photographs and ephemera from his involvement with the Beat generation.

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