New Beginnings: East Hill Farm, Seasons with Allen Ginsberg

Allen working at the kitchen table at the Farm in Cherry Valley, NY. Winter 1972-73.

East Hill Farm

Seasons with Allen Ginsberg

Gordon Ball


“In the late 1960s, poet Allen Ginsberg bought an isolated, broken-down farm in upstate New York as a retreat for himself and his worn-out, burned-out friends. Ginsberg hoped to create an Elysium where they could escape from the urban pressures and drug addictions that had laid Kerouac, Corso, Orlovsky, and Huncke so low. Only a masterful story-teller like Gordon Ball could turn a depressing tale of poets at rock bottom into a triumph of the human spirit. Ball’s East Hill Farm is one of the most intimate memoirs I’ve read about those wild, back-to-nature expeditionary times which so many baby-boomers recall. Ball has painstakingly traced his days as the “farm manager” who tried to plant the crops, do the chores, and keep on an even keel while the rest of the tribe were literally bouncing off the walls. It led him to tremendous joy, sadness, ecstasy, and a black eye. This is a personal book that examines the period that changed America—for better or worse? You decide. —Bill Morgan, author of I Celebrate Myself: The Somewhat Private Life of Allen Ginsberg




“I made this during the Winter of 86-87′ The print has worn off the film canister & traveled many miles over the last 20 years or so with me.

This isn’t the final cut, but rather an experiment using some new digital film software. I’m used to old skool film/video editing. Digital is definitely convenient & the equipment takes up less space.

Enjoy this Super 8 Impressionistic glimpse of a Winter’s Day At Allen Ginsberg’s Farm, in Cherry Valley N.Y. aka (The Committee on Poetry)”

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