An Interview with City Lights/Sister Spit Editor Michelle Tea

Michelle Tea, co-founder of the literary roadshow Sister Spit and editor of the new City Lights/Sister Spit imprint, sat down with City Lights staffer Jolene Torr to discuss the inaugural book in the series Sister Spit: Writing, Rants and Reminiscence from the Road and some of the challenges that came with editing an anthology of spoken word. Listen below:
Pure joy at City Lights Bookstore

And(!) last week Michelle, along with contributors Ali Liebegott, Cassie J. Sneider, Ben McCoy, MariNaomi, Rhiannon Argo, Tamara Llosa-Sandor, Sara Seinberg, and Kat Marie Yoas, celebrated the book’s release at City Lights aaaand it was amazing.

Michelle and crew are finishing their book tour with stops at Powell’s in Portland, at Bluestockings in New York, and a City Lights extravaganza at Greenlight Books in Brooklyn with a different line-up each time. Portland and New York, y’all are in for a treat.

Sister Spit: Writing, Rants and Reminiscence from the Road captures the provocative, politicized, and risk-taking elements that characterize the Sister Spit aesthetic, stamping the raw energy and signature style of the live show onto the page. Bratty poets and failed priestesses, punk angst and tough love, too much to drink and tattooed timelines—this anthology captures it all in a collection of poetry, personal narrative, fiction, and artwork. Featuring a who’s who of queer and queer-centric writers and artists, the collection functions as a travelogue, a historical document, and a yearbook from irreverent graduates of the school of hard knocks.

With Eileen Myles * Beth Lisick * Michelle Tea * MariNaomi * Cristy Road * Ali Liebegott * Blake Nelson * Lenelle Moise * and Many More!

“Heartbreakingly beautiful writing; sometimes funny, sometimes shattering—always revolutionary. Truly amazing collection!”—Margaret Cho

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