SISTER SPIT in the (Publishing) House! by Michelle Tea

OMG, I bussed over to North Beach to record a video for Banned Book Week at City Lights (I read from Genet’s The Thief’s Journal ) and what did I find on the counter but Sister Spit: Writing, Rants and Reminiscences from the Road, Sister Spit’s first anthology AND the first book out on the new Sister Spit / City Lights imprint!

City Lights is the pub house that Lawrence Ferlinghetti built, and I got to shoot my video in his office, which looks the way you’d want it to look, replete with a broken-down Poet’s Chair in the corner. You guys, the Poet’s Chair is off it’s rocker! Like, it’s a rocking chair and one of the thingies came off the bottom and if you have any carpentry or handy-person skillz you should offer your services to City Lights and save the Poet’s Chair! I can’t even imagine all the illustrious poet behinds that have rested on this hallowed piece of furniture.

Mr. Ferlinghetti’s chapeau.

Here is where I sat and read Genet. Apparently, John Waters sat there only a bit before, reading one of the smuttier parts of Lady Chatterley’s Lover. I caught Facebook posts from Kevin Killian (he read The Chocolate War, a book nearly challenged by my catholic school in the 80s) and Sister Spit contributor MariNaomi talking about their Banned Book Week videos – this project is going to be soooo cool! Banned Book Week begins September 24th.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti makes visual art, too.

Check it out – a box of Sister Spit books! We’ve come a long way since the days of stealing our annual zines from Kinko’s! I can’t wait to hand these out to contributors at all our upcoming book parties – Skylight in LA Oct. 18, Capitola Book Cafe Oct. 22, right here at CITY LIGHTS Oct. 24, Pegasus Books on Shattuck in Berekely Oct. 25th, Powell’s in Portland Nov. 8, Greenlight in Brooklyn Nov. 14 and Bluestocking in NYC Nov. 15! See you there!

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