Loteria Cards & Fortune: Poems by Juan Felipe Herrera & Linocuts by Artemio Rodriquez

El Circo

From Yin to fullness, a guffaw at the pit
of desolation, except you ride, you don’t fall.

Below as above.
Spin as you stand.

The horse, well, it is an intermediary—
a form you can speak of, a vernacular of ancestral hues.

The trees sing with many circled mouths,
each mouth an echo inside the blood-sap flesh.

The arms as galactic instructions,
the branches, the tenfold directions.

Each eye
each seed—you tumble, you explode
the only feeling is non-feeling.

Call it joy, call it she-hair,
this negative of all negatives.


The gorgeous black and white line art inside this hefty little book [, Loteria Cards and Fortune Poems ] instantly caught my eye. These linocut drawings were not the regular loteria images. They were modern adaptations, made with painstaking detail (think of a turn-of-the-millenium, wired Posada) and showing a distinctive sense of humor and pathos. The poetry, commissioned especially for the drawings, also showed a fresh and modern take on the icons of Mexicanismo and Chicanismo.”-Frontera Magazine


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