Why Capitalism Isn’t Working: Richard Wolff Speaking with Tavis Smiley

Last week, economist Richard Wolff was on the Tavis Smiley Radio Show to explain why capitalism isn’t working and the importance of the Occupy movement in his new book, Occupy the Economy: Challenging Capitalism.

Tavis Smiley asked: “How close are we getting to a real, honest debate about capitalism, about the economy, between Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama?” Listen to Richard Wolff’s response:

And on Wednesday September 12, Richard Wolff and David Barsamian, co-authors of Occupy the Economy, will be at City Lights to discuss the crisis in U.S. capitalism today. For details on that event & other tour stops, go here.


Today’s economic crisis is capitalism’s worst since the Great Depression. Millions have lost their jobs, homes and healthcare while those who work watch their pensions, benefits and job security decline. As more and more are impacted by the crisis, the system continues to make the very wealthy even richer. In eye-opening interviews with prominent economist Richard Wolff, David Barsamian probes the root causes of the current economic crisis, its unjust social consequences and what can and should be done to turn things around.

While others blame corrupt bankers and unregulated speculators or the government or even the poor who borrowed, the authors show that the causes of the crisis run much deeper. Occupy the Economy not only clarifies and analyzes the crisis in U.S. capitalism today, it also points toward solutions that can shape a far better future for all.

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