Kool-Aid by Ry Cooder

This here is a lament as sung by this guy Zimmerman and all the many “Zimmermans”. Too late they find their masters have given them guns and Stand-Your-Ground lynching laws instead of good jobs and secure futures. They drank the Kool-Aid; they really drank it down. Recently, Pete Seeger said candidly, “I have no hope, I could be wrong.” Shocking words from Brother Pete…

Alternately, the context [of the song] is Germany, 1933. Not too hard to understand…

Ry Cooder is a world-famous guitarist, singer and composer, known for his slide guitar work, interest in roots music, and more recently for his collaborations with traditional musicians from many countries, including The Buena Vista Social Club. He has composed soundtracks for more than twenty films, including Paris, Texas. Two recent albums were accompanied by stories Cooder wrote to accompany the music. His first collection of stories Los Angeles Stories was published by City Lights in October 2011. The song “Kool-Aid” is from Cooder’s forthcoming album Election Special (Nonesuch Records, June 2012).

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  1. Tjerk Snik says:

    Thank you very much (and Mr. Cooder too) for this awesome (lyrics as well as the music) actual Ry Cooder song. I read the story about George Zimmerman here in the Netherlands. Brrrr……
    Much appreciated,

  2. Felonious Bonk says:

    Kicking A Ry ! I am so happy your still going, thank you
    don’t stop.

  3. boele says:

    still another terrific musical column! I can’t wait for the next!